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Happy new year to all Probe cars & owners who have succeded driving through 2005 without any major problem :P , a little thought for those who are currently suffering illness :? , and a little tear for those we will not see anymore :cry: .

No doubt this new year will be the opportunity to welcome new members in our community(/ies). They just have to join the party as they can be sure of the warm welcome and all the help they will get... sometimes much more than in the local dealer. :lol:

Again, we will be very happy to welcome you in our joined meetings as some foreign probers have asked us about the club calendar already. Let's hope this could happen on both sides of the borders this year.

Well, if you want to keep running your Probe OEM, if you are strongly addicted to furious tuning, or sometimes in between, we wish you a year full of passion behind the wheel (sometimes under) of your Probe! :wink:
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